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Ihu Special Economic Zone Development Company Limited (ISEZDCL) is domiciled locally with seasoned professionals and consultants who are committed to pioneer the development of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) project. ISEZ has been approved and funded by the National Government of Papua New Guinea.

The long-term vision includes involving in investments and development of ISEZ project for the sole purpose of; downstream processing of the region's natural resources such as minerals and petroleum resources, forestry, fisheries, agriculture, and to share the created wealth fairly and evenly amongst our investors, professionals, resource owners and the people at large in our nation.

The Company's Registered Office and address for service is located at, Level 1, Ago Commercial Building, Ago Street, Gordons, NCD, PNG.

Kikori District Development Authority (KDDA) in its's meeting dated 2nd June 2018 endorsed and approved through Decision No. 09/2018 the ISEZ project proposal. The Kikori District which is hosting the ISEZ project has a very vast and diverse resource base. The District needs to be supported with infrastructure to host this world class project. The Kikori District and Gulf Province are one of PNGs resource rich area of the country.

The project has reached a lot of early goals, which included numerous activities includes awareness, promotion and marketing. First is KDDA Decision No. 95/2019, which enabled the project Conceptual Plan to be completed and accepted. The project concept has been presented and various roadshows conducted at host country and abroad including, Australia, China, Philippines and recently Hongkong. Culmination of all these events and progressive work program were presented to the National Government. The Government of PNG approved the project through NEC Decision No. 269/2020.

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