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The Township Development Project requires a well-planned modern township to anchor and host the major natural (both renewable and non-renewable) resources. Currently, there is no modern infrastructure in the entire Gulf Province. Planned Stage 1 development includes the construction of a 100 men base camp for local and expat professionals to facilitate the construction of the entire township as professionally designed and scheduled. The base camp will anchor for future Township development that will support sustainable service delivery for project economic impact on revenue and cater for the influx of people into the province and the district when the various projects including the other CCIP projects and the industries development programs progress into various stages of development.

This project will enhance and promote future resource development associated with the economic growth of Kikori District and PNG. A 200 men base camp house will be constructed to sustain further modern infrastructure for the township.

The Township Development Project will anchor resource development projects such as the Papua LNG, Purari green-energy project, offshore Pasca Gas Field Development, and ISEZ downstream industries development. Other industries to be impacted include; fisheries, forestry, agro-industries, and tourism. Future works include Land Mobilization and environmental impact studies leading to the construction of the township.

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