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Technical Services of Ihu Special Economic Zone

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The Ihu Special Economic Zone (ISEZ) is a project aimed at developing a fully serviced, modern industrial township in the Ihu LLG, Kikori District, 270km west of Port Moresby in the Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea.


The modern industrial township will feature various municipal services and amenities to cater for the needs of occupants, tenants, operators, service providers, businesses, and industries. The town will include residential and government services zones, recreational zones, parks, and gardens, and including zones for private businesses and industries.


Businesses and or industries that targeted at this stage includes:

  • Petrochemical Industry – about 65% of proven oil and gas reserves in PNG are in the Gulf Province. These reserves can be utilized to produce liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for cooking gas, petrol, kerosene, Jet-A1 or aviation gas, diesel, ammonia, fertilizers, plastic products, etc.

  • Power Generation – the are holds huge potential for renewable energy including, hydro, solar, wind and biomass. The province also hosts coal and petroleum oil and gas. The 5% DMO for Papua LNG project creates perfect sense for  to power generation for the ISEZ project. Power can be used within and also exported to rest of PNG.

  • Agro-Industrial Estates – the Gulf Province has vast agricultural resources. The government is encouraging downstream processing. Resources include rice, cocoa, coconut, coffee, vanilla, sago, etc.

  • Forestry – 22% of the current forestry business in PNG is in the Kikori District, Gulf Province. New Government is to ban log exports by 2027. Downstream processing of our logs within ISEZ has huge potential.

  • Fisheries and or Marine Resources – Gulf delta is host to rich biodiversity, creates perfect environment for lobsters, tiger prawns, barramundi, mud crabs, crocodiles, and many other fish stocks. Current fishing activities are based on ship to ship transfer with zero ground facilities. ISEZ shall provide that facility for fisheries. 

  • Industrial Minerals – Kikori has huge potential for alternative minerals. About 40% of known iron sands are on the shores of Kikori. 90% pure lime Limestone for cement and lime production is also a very attractive opportunity. 90% of the coal discovered in PNG is in Gulf Province.

  • Eco-Tourism – The region is rich in biodiversity, with numerous species of flora and fauna that are unique to the area. The pristine rainforests, rivers, and mountains offer opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, wildlife spotting, and cultural tours. With sustainable tourism practices, the Ihu SEZ shall build facilities to attract visitors from around the world who are interested in experiencing the natural beauty and cultural richness of Papua New Guinea.

  • Others – the opportunities that ISEZ has is endless.

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