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Our Vision

"Anchoring our resources to create a prosperous future for all"


OUR VALUES: For a Brighter Future


The Ihu Special Economic Zone (ISEZ) operates with a core set of values that define our collaborative approach to development:

  • Sustainable Stewardship: We prioritize environmental responsibility, using clean technology and conserving resources for future generations.

  • Community Upliftment: Together with local communities, we invest in social development and improve access to essential services.

  • Inclusive Prosperity: We create a level playing field for local businesses and entrepreneurs, attracting international investment for shared growth and job creation.

  • Open Collaboration: We operate with transparency, ethical practices, and clear communication with all stakeholders.

  • Unrelenting Excellence: We strive for continuous improvement in infrastructure, services, and the overall business environment.

Goals: Shared Prosperity

The Ihu Special Economic Zone (ISEZ) is committed achieving measurable progress for all stakeholders. Key goals:

  • Boost Export: Increase export revenue by X% within Y years through promoting downstream processing, SME, and industrialization via special economic zones and business incubators.

  • Trade Hub Creation: Establish a regional trade hub handling X ton of cargo annually by Y year, including:

  1. Trans-shipment​

  2. Data Center Serving the Pacific, facilitated by streamlined customs and free trade zone designation.

  • Community Upliftment: Increase access to essential services for communities by X% within Y years through partnerships and infrastructure investment.

  • Sustainable Practices: Implement X sustainable practices by Y year, minimizing environmental impact with fast-track permitting and tax breaks for clean technologies.

  • Job Creation & Local Focus: Create X new jobs with local skilling by Y year, incentivizing businesses exceeding local employment targets.

  • Business Attraction & Growth: Attract X domestic & international businesses in Y years, boosting GDP by Z% through competitive taxes, streamlined registration, and low-cost utilities.

By achieving these goals, ISEZ aspires to be a catalyst for positive change, driving economic growth, creating jobs, fostering sustainable development, and uplifting surrounding communities. We see this approach as a shared prosperity for all involved.


PURPOSE - is to focus on export-driven industries to increase internal revenue through downstream processing, SME growth, and industrialization and overall increase the GDP of the country.

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