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Land Development Partnership

Environmental Impact Study (EIS) & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Building a Sustainable Future: Land Use and Mobilization at Ihu SEZ

The Ihu Special Economic Zone (ISEZ) prioritizes responsible development practices throughout its entire lifecycle. This includes both land use planning and the Land Mobilization program, which are crucial for the ISEZ's success and create long-term benefits for all stakeholders.


Sustainable Zoning for a Thriving Community

The Ihu SEZ is committed to meticulous land use planning within its 8,279-hectare designated development area. This area is strategically allocated to ensure a thriving industrial ecosystem while fostering a high quality of life for residents and workers.


Strategic Land Allocation:

  • Industrial Core: The foundation of the ISEZ's economic activity lies in the 633-hectare petroleum park and the 596-hectare industrial park.

  • Aivei International Port: The 182-hecate Aivei International Port serves as a vital trade gateway, connecting the ISEZ to regional and international markets.

Sub-zones Areas for a Balanced Community:

The remaining land is meticulously subdivided into essential zones:

  • Commercial Zones (estimated area to be determined): Cater to the daily needs of residents and workers with shops, restaurants, and other essential businesses.

  • Light Industries (estimated area to be determined): Encourage the development of smaller-scale, non-polluting industries that complement the ISEZ's economic activities.

  • Residential Areas (estimated area to be determined): Well-planned neighborhoods with modern housing options create a vibrant living space for the ISEZ community.

  • Administrative Facilities (estimated area to be determined): Essential government services will be readily available within the ISEZ.

  • Recreational Spaces (estimated area to be determined): Parks, gardens, and recreational areas foster a healthy and active lifestyle for residents and workers.

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