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IHU Special Economic Zone Map.png

The Ihu Special Economic Zone (ISEZ) is a transformative initiative shaping Papua New Guinea's economic future. Envisioned as a modern industrial hub and global trade center, the ISEZ unlocks the nation's vast potential.

  • Resource Transformation: Industrial Downstream Processing and Export Zone refines and adds value to resources like timber, fisheries, agriculture (cocoa, coffee, etc.), oil and minerals, driving economic diversification and sustainability.

  • Strategic Gateway: The ISEZ's prime location, 270km west of Port Moresby, offers exceptional access:

  1. Proximity to Major Cities: Efficient movement of goods and personnel with major cities nearby.

  2. Global Trade Hub: Situated on a key shipping route, the ISEZ connects Eastern Pacific, Southeast Aisa, and Australia and New Zealand seamlessly, offering business efficient logistics, vast market access, and potential as a data center hub.

  • Sustainable Infrastructures: The Critical Capital Infrastructure Project (CCIP) is building a robust network of roads, bridges, airports, power generation with a focus on clean energy (including exploring Hydropower), water & sanitation system, and telecommunications, creating a foundation for long-term growth and attracting businesses. The Ihu SEZ Electrification Program further ensures reliable, clean power through partnerships.

Building a Brighter Future, One at a Time:

  • Phase 1: Laying the Foundation (Completed): Focused on project concept development, site selection, government approvals, and community engagement. The SEZ Act 2019 provided the legal framework.

  • Phase 2: Building the Future (Ongoing): Emphasizes land mobilization, environmental assessment, infrastructure development (CCIP), attracting partnerships, and training local communities for project participation.

Join the Journey: Be part of this transformative project and explore partnership opportunities in a thriving economic zone committed to responsible development. 

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