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The Roads and Bridges Program is an important component of the Critical Capital Infrastructure Project (CCIP) in the Ihu Special Economic Zone (ISEZ). Currently, there is no serviceable road network that connects the entire Gulf Province, making it difficult to access the land and resources. To address this, a carefully planned road and bridge network is essential to support large industrial-scale construction projects and major resource development projects.


The Roads and Bridges network system will connect all the important CCIP project sites, including the seaport facility, airport, industrial town, water source and supply system, hydropower dam and generation site, and telecommunications towers. The road will also connect to the Gulf-Highlands highway under the Connect PNG program, enabling easier access to other parts of the country.


The road from Petoi to Vailala on the eastern side of the Vailala River has been completed by Kikori DDA and the Gulf Provincial Government, connecting Kerema town to Ihu Station. This is the first step in connecting Kikori to the rest of the world. Additionally, the Kaumea to Ihu road section has been scoped by ISEZ and DOWH, and K81.5 million Chinese grant funding has been secured for a section of this important road.


Through the Roads and Bridges Program, the ISEZ aims to unlock the resources and people for economic development by enabling the movement of materials, equipment, and cargo for other construction projects, including other roads, bridges, towns, airports, and the proposed industrial Ihu SEZ.

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