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 Telecommunication Program

The Telecommunication Program aims to improve the telecommunications infrastructure in the Gulf Province, particularly in areas where large industrial construction projects and major resource development projects are being planned. The current provider, Digicel, is insufficient to meet the needs of these projects, and a new and upgraded system is required to ensure effective and efficient telecommunication services are provided.

The program will be rolled out in two strategic locations to enhance infrastructure services for the Ihu Special Economic Zone and to provide telecommunication network services to the locals. The proposed new telecommunication facilities will anchor resource development projects such as Papua LNG, Purari green-energy project, offshore Pasca Gas Field Development, and ISEZ downstream industries development, impacting industries such as fisheries, forestry, agro-industries, and tourism.

The telecommunication facilities will also provide links to the southwestern part of PNG, including three coastal provinces and seven highlands provinces. This will ensure effective and reliable telecommunications services for officers, public servants, business houses, schools, hospitals, and SMEs in the region, enabling them to deliver services to the people more efficiently.


An important partnership with PNG DataCo Limited and Telikom PNG is in place to bring into the location Fibre Optic infrastructure to develop a data-centre services within Ihu Special Economic Zone.

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