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Ihu Special Economic Zone - SME

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The SME Program is a part of the Ihu Special Economic Zone activities designed to train the local communities in Kikori District to participate in Small to Medium Business Enterprises. The program was established back in 2021 in Ihu, Kikori District. Since than we have conducted numerous SME training programs throughout the District in Basic Financial Literacy.

The program has also established SME Cooperative Societies under partnership arrangements with the Department of Commerce and Industry. This has captured the local interest, spurring the rapid growth of interests in SME activities in Agriculture, Fisheries, Logging, and other business activities in the District.

ISEZ SME team has managed to mold and train hundreds of individuals. These, whom have been able to gain invaluable practical experience.

This holistic approach to training has not only empowered village locals but has also contributed to the development of the Kikori District by nurturing a new generation of skilled entrepreneurs.


ISEZ SME has extended its reach beyond the local communities. The program has created avenues for young individuals from the Kikori District to acquire valuable skills and knowledge.

The ISEZ SME initiative has not only been instrumental in providing training opportunities to village locals in the Kikori District but has also made a significant impact with the ISEZ SME program by investing in upskilling university students with its SME training.


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