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Electrification Program

The electrification program outlined in the plan is aimed at providing critical infrastructure for the Ihu Special Economic Zone project, which is expected to have a significant positive impact on the human, social, and economic development of the area. The program will involve building new power generation, transmission, and reticulation services in strategic locations such as Ihu Station, Popo and Orokolo, which are in close proximity to the land demarcated for the ISEZ project.

The initial power generation will be a combination of renewables and diesel, which will later be converted to gas to electricity with gas supplied from the nearby Papua LNG Projects. The aim is to fully utilize the 5% DMO considerations from the Papua LNG Gas Agreement in generating power within the ISEZ precinct to supply low-cost reliable power to the ISEZ industries and export additional capacity outside to the rest of PNG.

The electrification program will also create an enabling environment for the Rural Town Housing Scheme, which aims to raise the standards of living for the locals and prepare them for large-impact projects such as Papua LNG, Pasca, and Pandora gas developments. The program will be rolled out in all three strategic sites in the Ihu LLGs, namely Inland Popo, Orokolo, and Ihu Station, and will empower the locals in the precinct of the selected sites.

Utilizing Papua LNG 5% DMO for power generation within the ISEZ precinct is a great step towards achieving the goal of supplying low-cost, reliable power to the industries within the economic zone. This will not only benefit the local businesses but also potentially attract foreign investments to the area. Additionally, exporting excess capacity outside of the ISEZ to other parts of PNG could also contribute to the overall development and growth of the country. It is important to ensure that the conversion to gas for power generation is done efficiently and sustainably, with proper consideration given to environmental impact and safety measures.

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