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Ihu Special Economic Zone

Concept Map of the Ihu Special Economic Zone Project


The Ihu Special Economic Zone (ISEZ) is a transformative initiative shaping Papua New Guinea's economic future. Envisioned as a modern industrial hub and global trade center...

Land Mobilization Team in Ihu during a site inspection

Land Mobilization

Land Mobilization is one of the most crucial programs for the Ihu Special Economic Zone to be carried out in 2023. Funding has been secured under National Land Mobilization...

SME Team at Stanley Hotel during the 1st SEZ Summit.

Business Development

The SME Program is a part of the Ihu Special Economic Zone activities designed to train the local communities in Kikori District to participate in the Small to Medium Business Enterprise...

Technical Team Site Visit at Wartsila

Industrial Zone Development

The Ihu Special Economic Zone (ISEZ) is envisaged to be developed into a modern satellite township, to be constructed in the Ihu LLG, halfway between Kerema to...   

Critical Capital Infrastructure Project

The Critical Capital Infrastructure Project (CCIP) is a comprehensive infrastructure development program that aims to improve the transportation, energy, water, and communication systems in the project area. The project includes the construction and upgrade of roads and bridges, airstrips and airports, jetties and seaports, power generation and reticulation, water and sewage systems, and telecommunication networks. Additionally, it involves the development of an industrial township.


To promote the GoPNG Public Private Partnership (PPP) Policy, the CCIP program seeks partnerships with private sector entities in the development of infrastructure projects. The development of each infrastructure project will be structured based on its economics. Most of them will be developed under the Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) model, while others will be developed under the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction plus Finance (EPC+F) model. State guarantees may also be procured on a case-by-case basis where necessary for each project.


The Ihu Special Economic Zone (ISEZ) project development office is responsible for all aspects of the ISEZ development. This includes physical planning, site selection, feasibility studies, land mobilization, and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIS). The office will work in partnership with the Kikori District, Gulf Provincial Government, relevant government departments, and other development partners to ensure the successful implementation of the CCIP program and the ISEZ project.

Rural Water Supply Project.jpg


The Ihu Station and Orokolo ISEZ incubation center Rural Water Project will cater to domestic water usage and CSO. This is phase one of the Industrial and Commercial Water Supply Project CCIP for Kikori, Gulf Province...

Keve Net Fishing .jpeg


The Ihu Special Economic Zone (ISEZ) is a project aimed at developing a fully serviced, modern industrial satellite township in the Ihu LLG, Kikori District, 50km west of Kerema, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea. The ISEZ Development Office was established to engaged in discussions and negotiations with project development partners after receiving legislative support. In addition, the National Government has approved the Critical Capital Infrastructure Projects, providing further support for the development of the ISEZ.

The ISEZ is envisioned to be a modern industrial township that will feature various municipal services and amenities to cater to the needs of its occupants, tenants, businesses, and industries. It will include residential and government services zones, recreational zones, parks and gardens, as well as private businesses and industry zones.

The project aims to attract businesses and industries such as petrochemicals, power generation, agro-industrial estates, forestry, fisheries, marine resources, industrial minerals, eco-tourism and many others. With its abundance of natural resources and strategic location, the ISEZ has endless opportunities for development and growth.

The ISEZ Development Office is responsible for all aspects of the ISEZ development including physical planning, site selection, feasibility studies, land mobilization and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIS).


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Backgound, Team, History
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Strategic Development Partnership Alliance Program

Our approach is to share certain fundamental values together within the ISEZ domain.

Yet, We want our partners to remain independent in achieving their goals and objectives.




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